Pinhas Adar, MDT (US)

Moderator: The Willi Geller Honorary Lecture


Pinhas Adar, MDT (US)

Curriculum Vitae

Master Ceramist Pinhas Adar studied initially in Tel Aviv, Israel and then completed his internship with Mr. Willi Geller in Zurich, Switzerland. He returned to Israel to complete his Masters degree in Dental Technology. He has over 40 years of experience in all phases of dental laboratory technology. For over 27 years he operated his own private dental laboratory within a multidisciplinary practice and now has a private practice where he practices, teaches and does research in Atlanta, Georgia.

His obsession with solid monolithic zirconia, and fighting mediocrity, brought him to find a unique formula to create natural looking hybrid restoration and to add even more value by offering solid zirconia veneers, crowns and bridges to solve the dilemma of breakage and chipping that exists in ceramics.

With commitment and obsessive determination along with hard work, he became a leading dental professional not only with his skill set but also with his ability to communicate with others. Ready to work hard for his dreams and goals, Pinhas arrive in the United States at age 22, with one bag, $300, a handful of english words and not knowing anyone. He had a burning desire to make a difference in the world by becoming the best at his dental skills and helping others to do the same.

A lifelong student of learning how the “greats” have become so, he has been inspired to teach others around the world of his passion in life design, combination skills and other strategies that he uses in his life to help others believe in themselves and accomplish greatness.

As a speaker, he has the ability to engage the audience in all senses, not only by showing the skillsets that the audience needs, but by touching their heart, minds and spirits to open them up to what is possible for them to accomplish. By doing so, he adds value to not only the people present but also an increase from their referral doctors having added value as much as $1.2 million within a 1 month period after his presentation.