Getting to Sorrento

EAED 2018 Spring Meeting – Hilton Sorrento Palace, Sorrento, Italy, May 24-26, 2018

Sorrento is only a short drive or bus ride from Naples Capodichino airport. There are different ways to reach Sorrento, each with varying costs. Below you will find those that we recommend. For more information, see


Private Shuttle

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Private shuttles from Aeroporto di Capodichino (Airport) or Stazione Centrale di Napoli to Sorrento must be pre-booked.

Average travel time per way: 1 hour

Prices per journey:

Public Shuttle: EUR 25,00 per person per way (every hour from 10:30 until 21:30) + EUR 5,00 at 20:30 or 21:30

Private car (1 to 3 PAX): EUR 100,00 per car per way + EUR 20,00 surcharge between 20:00 and 7:00

Van (4 to 8 PAX):  EUR 132,00 per car per way  + EUR 5,00 surcharge per person between 20:00 and 7:00

Minibus (9 to 16 PAX): EUR 187,00 per car per way + EUR 5,00 surcharge per person between 20:00 and 7:00

Bus (30 PAX): EUR 300,00 euro each way + EUR 50,00 surcharge between 20:00 and 7:00

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You will find a taxi rank outside Arrivals in Capodichino airport . However, Sorrento is located outside the Naples area, so there is a very high surcharge.                                                                                                              N.B.  Do not take a taxi unless you have chosen the fixed price option for Napoli – Sorrento and agreed this with the driver. (approx.. 110 euros one way). Otherwise, it will be extremely expensive. 

All official taxis have a price list in English and Italian.

For more info, see (tariffe taxi)

Sorrento Bus Link Service

This comfortable coach service provides an efficient link to the Sorrento peninsula.

Ticket price: EUR 10,00 per person one way (round trip ticket: EUR 20,00 per person) 

Tickets can be purchased directly on the bus.

Naples, Capodichino Airport (Aeroporto di Capodichino) to Sorrento

Average travel time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Sorrento to Naples Airport (Aeroporto di Capodichino)

Average travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Hydrofoil link (Port of Naples to Sorrento)

Hydrofoils for Sorrento leave from Molo Beverello (Port of Naples) in the city centre, near Piazza Municipio.  To get to the port:

From the airport: take a taxi from outside Arrivals.

From the train station: take the subway to Municipio stop or go by taxi.

Average hydrofoil travel time: 40 minutes  

Ticket price for hydrofoil: approx. EUR 13,00 per person one way (additional charge for luggage).

N.B. Please, remember that departures depend on weather/sea conditions.

Port of Naples (Molo Beverello) to Port of Sorrento (Marina Piccola)

Port of Sorrento (Marina Piccola) to Port of Naples (Molo Beverello)

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