• Strategies for implant placement and loading/temporization in the esthetic area
  • Strategies for the replacement of missing anterior teeth
  • Strategies for the management of periimplintitis and deep infra bony defects in the esthetic zone
  • Strategies for the rehabilitation of the worn dentition with a loss of vertical dimension
  • Strategies for the planning of clinical cases from a dental technician’s perspective
  • The John McLean Honorary Lecture
  • The Peter Schärer Honorary Treatment Planning Session

Speakers and Moderators

Florian Beuer
Michael Bergler
Gaetano Calesini
Sandro Cortellini
Didier Dietschi
Bruno Fissore
Bjorn Ludwig
Kony Meyenberg
Tidu Mankoo
David Nisand
Rafi Romano
Otto Zuhr
and more

Scientific Committee

Stefano Gracis
Ueli Grunder
Franck Bonnet
Nitzan Bichacho

Registrations open on November 1st

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